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Hot vehicle hazards: How to protect property and passengers from rising temperatures


From: Westfield Insurance ( Hot weather brings high temperatures, which can turn an enclosed vehicle into a scorching oven in minutes. Combining hot summer sun and carelessness can have devastating consequences, particularly for your company’s products – and its people. Studies …

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Employees’ use of personal vehicles at work


  From: Westfield Insurance ( Covering the gaps between their personal insurance and your business policy It’s not uncommon for employers to require employees to drive their personal vehicles to conduct company business, whether it’s calling on clients or running …

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Using power tools on your farm: 4 safety tips to help you avoid injuries – and OSHA penalties


From Westfield Insurance: The first thing my neighbor does when he buys a new power tool is remove every safety guard. He says they slow him down. Unfortunately, he’s not alone in that decision. Modifying safety equipment is one of …

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