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Parents: Help to keep your teen safe this Prom season

Date Posted: May 7th, 2014

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Our local school’s prom is this weekend. Many students will be out and about for this exciting event! Please talk with your teens about the importance of not drinking and driving and other safety measures.


SADD has this to say about parental involvement in the safety of teens:


Parents and guardians play a key role in creating a safe prom event. Listed below are tips and ideas for parents. Brainstorm ideas about how you can inform parents of these ideas most effectively. For templates and suggestions, see the
Think About It … Prom & Graduation Season campaign.

  • Recent SADD/Liberty Mutual Teens Today research shows that good communication between parents and teenagers can have a positive influence on risk-taking behavior by teens. Teens who report regular, open communication with their parents about important issues say they are more likely to try to live up to their parents’ expectations and less likely to drink, use drugs, or engage in early sexual behavior. Use the Contract for Life as the foundation for your promise to communicate with each other.
  • Discuss rules for the prom: your own rules, the school rules, and the consequences for violating the rules.
  • Communicate with your student ahead of time about the agenda for the evening.
  • Discuss the evening’s curfew and what acceptable after-curfew possibilities there might be (an alcohol- and drug-free post-prom party, inviting friends back home to spend the night under your supervision, etc.)
  • Recent studies show that the major source of alcohol for youth is friends and families. Some parents feel that hosting a house party where alcohol is served to minors is safer because they can control it. Allowing these parties is illegal, even with other parents’ consent, and the host parents may be held responsible for consequences that result. Remember, too, that excessive alcohol consumption brings more dangers than just impaired driving. For more information, read the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s “Parents, Parties, and Preventing Underage Alcohol Use.”
  • Instead, host a substance-free, post-prom party. Details for how to have one can be found HERE or at www.postprom.org, www.after-prom.org, or www.safegradevent.com. Remember, though, that even if the party is substance free, tired people shouldn’t be driving. Recent studies have shown that people who are overworked and deprived of sleep can have the same impairment as those who have been drinking.
  • Know who is driving. If your teen is riding in a limo, check the company’s policy on allowing alcohol in the vehicle.
  • Encourage seat belt use.
  • Do not rent hotel rooms, or vacation rental properties, for prom-goers.
  • Communicate with other parents about prom plans.
  • Stay up for prom-goers’ return home.
  • More activities that involve parents in prom can be found HERE.


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